Prime Members

We currently have over a hundred members and the group continues to grow all the time. In fact we intend closing the membership when we reach our original target of 150.

Are you a female artist, living in Cornwall, with an established art practice and solid online presence (eg Instagram or your own website), exhibiting your work, and keen to establish active links with other women artists for networking, skill sharing, mutual inspiration and support? If so we would love to hear from you and help you connect with other women artists in the County.

To find out about joining Prime Women Artists, please visit our Instagram profile and send us a message there.

Below are the members who have elected to share their details. You will find links to their websites, social media or email contact, sorted in alphabetical order (by first name). You can use these links to view more of their work, or to contact them.

Amanda Slade
Angela Herbert-Hodges
Ann Cracknell
Becky Van Vestraut
Caroline Marwood
Cathy Eastment
Cathy Harrison
Charlotte Sainsbury
Chris Treweek
Christine Brunnock
Clare Hughes
Deb Ramsay-Trease
Deborah Richards
Denise Stracey
Diana Davis
Fee Cant
Fran Marks
Gwynne Penny
Ilya Fisher
Jackie Hollingsbee
Jane Wilson
Janie Cameron
Jill Holland
Joan Taylor
Josie Purcell
Judith Lea
Judith Tutin
Julie Milton
Karen Chapman

Karen Hemsley-Biggs

Kirsten Basram
Leana Robinson
Louise Kidd
Louise Hamilton
Lyndsey Bradbury
Lynn Wise
Lynne Fleming
Maggie Cochran
Maggie Reid
Mary Kaun English
Mary Price
Maryanne Hawes
Maxine Whitbread-Abrutat
Minnie McNaughton
Michèle Brown
Pam Barber-Hickey
Penny Sherwood
Pip Barfield
Revis White
Roberta Hopkins
Natalie Day
Rosie North
Sara Owen
Sally Rice (Atkins)
Sarah Gay
Sarah Pooley
Sarah Seddon
Sarah Ransley
Sarah Wimperis
Sharon Bruster
Shaz Reeves
Sophie Velzian
Sue Pease
Sue Cuff
Sue Spence
Susannah Garland
Tracey Flett
Tee-J Randall
Tanya Rogers
Tara Leaver
Wendy Horner
Wendy Rylance